Road Bikes

If you are reading this article because you want to purchase a new road bicycle, or you're just doing a [...]

Cyclists who participate in time trials seriously and often will [...]

In the USA, the biggest road bike brands are Trek, Specialized, Giant and Cannondale.  All [...]

Road bikes saw a huge surge in popularity when Lance Armstrong was dominating the Tour de France.  [...]

Women's Bikes

While mountain bikes themselves can often be used by either men or women, the accessories are generally [...]

When a woman decides she wants to hit the road and buy a new bicycle, she will often get hassled by sales [...]

You've ridden against the guys and you've beaten them, but the bike fit was bad enough to put you off [...]

Triathlon bikes specifically designed for the female rider are still relatively rare.  The [...]

Mountain Bikes

Trek Bicycles incorporation was set up back in 1976 by Richard Burke and Bevel Hogg. The duo came [...]

The beginner mountain biker can get a little overwhelmed when they first walk into a bike store to buy [...]

Most people just want to get on their bikes and go, and aren't too concerned with the names of all the [...]

Long-travel full suspension mountain bikes are very popular among riders who prefer a [...]