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Mountain Bike: Part Diagram

Bike Part Diagram

Mountain Bike Parts: Front/Rear Derailleur, Crank, Pedal, Down Tube, Rim, Hub, Fork, Frames, Brakes, Headtube, Bar Ends, Stem, Top tube, Saddle, Seat Post, Chainstays, Cassette etc.

For many avid bicycle riders, the precise frame is of the absolute importance. The components they are made with decides a lot about how the bike will perform. Bikes have had a lengthy journey from their wooden framed relatives. These days, many bicycle owners testify that the carbon bicycle frame is the clear champion. [...]


Modern road bikes use two different types of brake levers.  One style is integrated with the shift levers, where the whole shift/brake unit is one piece and meant to be mounted on traditional "drop" handlebars.  With this style, the rider pulls the lever toward the back of the bike to stop the bike, and pushes the levers to the side to shift. [...]


A quick guide to bicycle drivetrain components begins with the derailleurs.  The front derailleur controls the front chainrings, and the rear derailleur controls the cogs (cassette).  To illustrate it more visually, the front derailleur paints the big picture (hills, rolling terrain or flats) and the rear derailleur paints the details (fine-tuning the gearing). [...]


Top tube - horizontal or slightly sloping tube that runs from the saddle to the front of the bike.

Head tube - tube on the front of the bike frame that connects the fork to the handlbears.

Downtube - tube connecting the head tube to the cranks. [...]


Let me explain what the Mountain Bike Gear Shifting System Components are, before go into details about how to shift gear on Mountain Bike. It is easy to understand how the gear works. [...]


Mountain bike parts serve to enhance the off-road cycling experience. There are many different parts of such a bicycle. Among the most basic are front and rear derailluers.