Lifestyle Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the perfect option when budget allows for only one bike.  The rider has a choice of road-oriented or mountain-oriented models, and women's-specific models are also available.  Since hybrids aren't specialized bikes, they have the capability of doing just about anything.  Choose the mountain-oriented models if you will be spending time on gravel roads or dirt trails. [...]


Also known as Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), electric bikes are wonderful commuter and utility bikes.  They are also popular with anyone needing a little extra boost of power where fitness, strength and mobility are an issue. [...]


Comfort mountain bikes are very similar to hybrids in that the rider position is very upright and comfortable.  They are intended for very light, non-technical, non-aggressive trail riding because the components are simply not beefy or durable enough to withstand the abuses of hard trail riding.   [...]


A hybrid is a great choice for anyone who needs a “do-it-all” bike but isn’t a serious rider.  Technically, a hybrid is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike.  Hybrids have 700c wheels, and run wider tires, usually with just a subtle tread or inverted tread, for better handling on dirt paths... [...]


The “urban assault vehicle” of the cycling world.  Meant for utilitarian use, city bikes are lighter than mountain bikes, and heavier and more durable than road bikes.  Some have road-style drop handlebars, some flat mountain bars, depending on rider preference.  Typically city bikes have 700c wheels (road wheels) but run wider tires such as hybrid, touring or cyclo-cross tires. [...]


Beach Cruisers are beautiful, utilitarian and… fun.  Often brightly painted and sporting custom touches such as leather tassels on the handlebars, cruisers are as unique as their owners.  They’re meant to be ridden relatively slowly and in a very comfortable upright position.   [...]