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In the USA, the biggest road bikes brands are Trek, Specialized, Giant and Cannondale.  All offer bikes from entry-level to race-level and everything inbetween.  They don't offer custom bikes, but Trek bikes can be ordered in custom colors.  The big manufacturers offer a lot of value for the price.  They are able to spec bikes with a variety of components suited to the rider's needs and budget, and have great warranties and customer service.

There are thousands of small manufacturers/frame builders throughout the USA.  Many offer custom bikes, and some are exclusively custom frame builders.  These bikes are often more expensive than a comparable "big four" bike; however, many riders prefer small frame builders for their craftsmanship, and for the sake of status and the "cool" factor.  Examples of small frame builders in the USA are Guru, Moots, Independent Fabrications and Serrotta.  A rider looking to stand out from the crowd will often go with a small frame builder.  A rider looking for more artistry, impeccable craftsmanship, or perhaps a "retro" look, will go with a small frame builder.

Worldwide, there are thousands of road bike brands.  In Italy alone, for example, aside from big names like Colnago and Wilier, there seems to be a frame builder in just about every other town; perhaps producing only a handful of beautifully crafted frames each year.  Most mass-produced bikes are currently made in Asia.

It may be tempting to buy a bike "just like the pros" (bikes that you will see in the Tour de France, for example), but be sure you are looking for a RACE bike - they are often extremely stiff, which doesn't make for a very pleasant ride on rough roads; and components on race bikes (including wheels) are not generally suited to everyday training.  Even if the components do hold up under rough riding, they are very expensive to replace.  It's best to look for a bike that suits YOUR needs, and look beyond the glamour of race bikes.

List of the best road bikes brands: